Online Rental Application

RENTGJ.COM offers some of Western Colorado’s most desirable rental properties.  In order to be approved as a renter, each adult applying to live in a dwelling unit must first complete a separate rental application.


A non-refundable application fee of $20 is required for processing this application.  Payment will be required upon submission of this application.  Successful applicants will have the non-refundable application fee applied towards their first month’s rent.


The Information submitted through the Online Rental Application form below is not retained on this server, and will never be used for any purpose other than expressly specified below. holds our client information absolutely confidential and will never sell, lend, distribute, or otherwise divulge information provided in pursuit of consideration for acceptance as a lease holder.


The undersigned expressly agrees that if this application is approved applicant agrees to rent this property.  Applicant further agrees that if applicant is accepted by Management and then decides, for any reason, not to move into the premises, then all monies paid herewith shall be retained as liquidated damages since other prospective tenants may have been turned away and it may be necessary for Management to re-advertise the property and evaluate other applicants.  Processing of this application shall be as timely as possible and the results may be delivered via telephone, fax, or mail.  Once approved, applicant agrees to pay the balance of rent and/or reservation funds and complete the paperwork within 48 hours, otherwise management will assume that applicant has decided to forfeit any earnest money paid and will begin re-marketing the property.  If the applicant is not approved, all monies given herewith, less non-refundable application fee shown above, shall be returned to applicant.  Applicant understands and agrees that rent begins as of the day after application approval and will be prorated for the following month.

A COPY OF APPLICANT’S DRIVER’S LICENSE OR PICTURE IDENTIFICATION CARD, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, LATEST PAY CHECK STUB(S) AND LAST YEAR’S W-2(s) OR COPY OF LAST YEAR’S INCOME TAX RETURN SHALL BE PROVIDED AT THE TIME OF SIGNING OF RENTAL AGREEMENT.  Further, the applicant declares that the application on the following page shall be complete, true, and correct.  The undersigned herewith grants permission for anyone contacted to release the credit or personal information of the undersigned applicant to Management or their authorized agents, at any time, for the purposes of entering into and continuing to offer or collect on any agreement and/or credit extended.  Applicant further authorizes Management or their Authorized Agents to verify the application information including but not limited to obtaining criminal records, contacting creditors, present or former landlords, employers and personal references, whether listed or not, at the time of the application and at any time in the future, with regard to any agreement entered into with Management.  Any false information will constitute grounds for rejection of this application, or Management may at any time immediately terminate any agreement entered into in reliance upon misinformation given on this application. - Equal Housing Opportunity Partners